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The product that could be harming your baby

As a new Mum I am conscious about anything that could be potentially harmful to my baby boy. By conscious, I mean paranoid. And I don’t use the term ‘paranoid’ … Continue reading

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The fruit that could be playing havoc with your medication

A few years ago I was told that the humble grapefruit can seriously interact with medication. It sounded like an old wive’s tail to me, however a new article published … Continue reading

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Sleeping position linked to still birth

These days I find it a little more difficult to get comfortable in bed. Having a pregnant stomach means a lot more tossing and turning to get comfortable. Which is … Continue reading

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The world’s fastest pram

This post is dedicated to all new Dad’s.   Last week my husband and I were pretty chuffed when our first ever pram arrived. We found our ‘Christmas-day-like’ joy quite … Continue reading

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Healthy child, healthy world

As most of you know, recently I blogged about the fact that fake tan could cause cancer. It seems that dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA could be more harmful than … Continue reading

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The latest on whooping cough

As a Mum-to-be I will be getting the whooping cough vaccine as soon as my baby is born. My husband will be getting the jab in the coming weeks and … Continue reading

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Dear Diary, I want to lose weight…

For me, accountability is a huge motivation. My gym text message me if I haven’t been for a visit in over a week and this works wonders. That text, albeit … Continue reading

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Milking it

Recently I posted about being completely overwhelmed by health information – particularly with regards to nutrition. What we should and shouldn’t eat and drink seems to change on a day-to-day … Continue reading

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Why screening for prostate cancer could do more harm than good

Cancer screening is something I am really passionate about. Living in a country with among the highest skin cancer rates in the world my husband and I are booked in … Continue reading

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Not all medicines are created equal

Recently I attended a health round table discussion on complementary medicine. At the round table I learned that the active ingredients in complementary medicines are what determine their efficacy (whether … Continue reading

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